The painter Vgas - abstract figurative painting of Vgas

Artistic background

Figurative abstract painting

The Artist Vgas  - from his real name Vieuge Ghislaine Andrée, married Sablayrolles - hence VGAS, became interested in painting from the moment she opened her heart and looked into her inner world and looked beyond the world, to the Universe.

She applies the same principle when creating her works or when she uses her camera.

Practice of abstract painting


Vgas  is fond of highlighting what the eye can not perceive at first sight.

Its creation comes from thought, integrates the work, then reveals itself to the world.

She is marginal, she is neither in the art of fashion, nor in the norm. She likes to explore different techniques and mix materials. She likes to be carried away in a world tinged with bright colors, in complete freedom of creation in the here and now.

Like Nature, in its process of perpetual creation, her works are guided by visions in which she lets chance settle down little by little.

Themes of abstract painting


The themes of the work of Vgas  are very expansive and diverse.

She deals with the Universe, Life (nature, flower, animals), the Divine, Feelings and Emotions, Paradox (change and metamorphosis), Eyes (the eyes in themselves and all that can be seen through them ...).

She remains open and alert and does not hesitate to delve into other themes such as Africa, for example for charities ...

From the brilliance of the canvases to the brilliance of the artist ...


The brilliance of the paintings of Vgas  is called the mirror effect and creates a bridge between the viewer and her.

She invites the viewer to prepare for an extraordinary and profound journey to explore his own imagination and discover his own world.



To paint is also to dare, to express oneself and to expose oneself.

It's the art of being in ART. Painting is not what Vgas  does, but what she is.


Who are the abstract paintings of Vgas  for ?

Her art is accessible to all. It offers contemporary paintings at affordable prices.

Her works are intended for individuals as well as companies, in France and abroad.

You can buy her works :