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Figurative abstract painter

Exposition en cours

du 1er Avril au 31 Juillet
à la Fontaine aux Grives
31130 Quint-Fonsegrives - France

Expositions à venir

  • du 13 avril au 31 mai 2019 : au Crown Plaza
    Toulouse - France
  • 20 au 22 Avril 2019 : Salon international d'art contemporain
    Art Shopping - Deauville - France
  • 25 Avril 2019 : Soirée Mademoiselle à La Voile Blanche
    Toulouse - France

Promotion exceptionnelle

- 10 % sur tous les tableaux
avec le code réduction : vgas

New paintings available

Here are my latest figurative abstract paintings.
Click to learn more.
Eboulis French artist Vgas from Toulouse


Theme : Nature
Acrylic paint on canvas
Landscape of 24 cm x 18 cm
L'oeil Coruscant de la planète French artist Vgas from Toulouse

L'oeil Coruscant de la planète

Theme : Eye
Acrylic paint on canvas
Square of 60 cm x 60 cm
Ascension Céleste French artist Vgas from Toulouse

Ascension Céleste

Theme : Myth - Divine
Acrylic paint on canvas
Portrait of 50 cm x 100 cm
Totem French artist Vgas from Toulouse


Theme : Myth - Divine
Acrylic paint on canvas
Portrait of 30 cm x 90 cm


user reviews on the Vgas website

Work according to the photos of the website. Seller very involved in his work and very attentive to his customers. We were delighted with this purchase. Quality painting. Artist to recommend.

reviews of customers who bought a work of Vgas on her website


Who am I ?

Vgas and abstract figurative painting

I am a contemporary painter, specialized in abstract figurative painting.

My sources of inspiration are related to energy, feeling, nature, the universe, sacred geometry, paradoxes. All my works speak of emotions and feelings, and establish a magic bridge between the artist and the spectators.

My practice of abstract painting

Techniques, materials and themes

Passionate about painting with oil and acrylic, I like to be carried away in a universe tinged with colors, in a total freedom of creation in the present moment. I like to explore various techniques, and mix materials.

I love bright colors; they are for me a sign of life. When I paint, nothing else exists. I am the verb, I am the action, the painting, the brush, the other that stands out from me to create the work, I am the vision, I am no longer this body but this soul. My visualization, created in the world of thoughts, is integrated into the work that I compose, to reveal itself to the world.


Who are my abstract paintings for ?

My art is accessible to everyone. I propose contemporary paintings at affordable prices.

My works are intended for individuals as well as companies, in France and abroad.

All paintings of Vgas are unique, hand painted and certified


All our paintings are unique and certified works. You can find them on this website using different criteria: material, color, format, size, theme. Each table is illustrated with photos and additional information.

You can buy paintings from Vgas on this website and pay online


Compose your order with one or more paintings. Make the payment by choosing your method of payment: CB, Paypal, Check or Bank transfer.

Your purchases are shipped in a secure package with insurance. We enclose a certificate of authenticity


Your order is prepared in a secure package. Each painting is signed and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.